While visiting a friend in Oaxaca, Mexico I was struck by the simple beauty of hearts stamped in tin, sometimes brightly painted, sometimes not. These flaming hearts, called sacred hearts, originally represented the heart of Christ. The letters “GR” stand for “Grace Received” and remind the owner of an answered prayer.

With a mother named Grace and a daughter as her namesake, the idea of grace surrounds me.  And I think grace is a powerful notion independent of any religious reference.  Grace can mean divine assistance, a reprieve, or a certain elegance or beauty.  However you define it, it’s a good thing.

So I decided to make my own interpretation of Grace Received in a small tray, attractive enough as a striking graphic with a deeper meaning if you choose to interpret it that way.  Grace Received could be given to a friend who helped you through a rough time, to a teacher or tutor who nurtured your child, to your mother, to your daughter, to your sister or to yourself as a reminder of the good in your life. 

Grace Received - GR